Types Of Addiction Treatment

There are multiple stages of drug and alcohol recovery treatment that are marked by whatever stage of recovery the patient is going through. Not all drug-rehab centers are the same as they can have different programs and different methods of going through the treatment process.

Detoxification Treatment

Detox is the first stage of treatment in a recovery program. Detox works to rid the body of toxins that have build up over the duration of the addiction. Some treatment facilities use non-addictive medication to lessen the intensity of withdrawal, and some can have medically monitored detox without the use of medications. The goal of all detoxification programs is to eradicate the biological need for the substance of abuse by the removal of toxins.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment

Rehab starts when the detox program has been completed. Rehab is where recovering addicts gain the skills needed to live in the world without the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Rehab usually consists of family counseling, individual psychiatric care, and life skill development. Inpatients stay within a residential treatment facility throughout the rehab program. People can opt for programs that meet their individual preferences. For example if a person has Christian religious beliefs then they can choose a facility with faith-based rehab programs.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment

If the patient wishes to complete their rehabilitation on an outpatient basis, then they can get materials from the treatment center that they completed detox at. Many programs offer partial treatment where the patient can come into a treatment facility for various services and then go home afterwards.  

Inpatient Rehab And Partial Hospitalization

This type of treatment is carried out at a general hospital with a unit that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This is also where patients can be evaluated and treated for co-occurring mental disorders. Treatment programs are carried out in their entirety on an inpatient basis.

Co-Occurring Conditions Treatment

Sometimes people suffer from mental disorders as well as substance abuse. This requires a special type of treatment derived from dual diagnosis. Treatments are integrated to meet the needs for both the mental disorder and the addiction.

Family Counseling For Addiction Treatment

One of the services that many treatment facilities provide is counseling for family members that have been affected by addiction. Family can learn about addiction and how it will affect them as well as their loved one so that they can prepare for life after rehab. They are taught how to cope with damage done by the addiction and how to treat the addict now that they are recovering.

Finding A Drug Or Alcohol Treatment Facility

For those that are ready to get help in dealing with their addiction, it can be overwhelming to find a treatment program that meets all of their individual needs. Sometimes, people get intimidated by what they have heard about a particular kind of treatment center. What they should know is that there are various kinds of treatment programs that can cater to their preferences. By calling our free 24-hour helpline, our dedicated specialist can help you find the facility that meets all of your needs.


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