Residential Rehab

What Is Residential Rehabilitation?

Residential rehabilitation is a program that is developed to help individuals get the skills they need to live life without the use of alcohol and/or drugs. This is usually carried out at a rehab facility where patients live on an in-patient basis and work closely with medical professionals beside other recovering addicts.

Benefits Of Residential Rehabilitation

The following is a list of benefits that we feel are crucial to this type of treatment:

  • A well trained professional staff is available 24-hours to meet patients’ needs with counseling and medical care.
  • Living closely alongside other patients will help create a space where there is no judgment as everyone is going through similar things. Patients find it easier to open up and discuss their problems.
  • Good perspective is given as to what life will be like after rehab without the use of substances of previous abuse.
  • Provides and place that is safe away from outside negativity, temptations and opportunity to use substances that would otherwise encourage a relapse.

Residential Detox Versus Residential Rehab

Although detox and rehab can often be done at the same facility, they are two separate programs. Detox is the first step toward recovery that works to remove the toxins that have built up over the duration of the addiction. Rehab comes after detox and helps the patient learn how to live life without the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

Finding A Residential Rehabilitation Program

There are different kinds of residential programs that are available to meet your individual needs. By calling our 24-hour free helpline, we can help find the treatment program that is right for you. All we need is minimal information about your addiction as well as any preferences that you may have concerning your drug rehab center.


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