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Prescription Drug Abuse? You can recover.

Abuse of prescription drugs is rampant in our society today. Many people don't even realize how prevalent prescription drug abuse has become among teens and young adults. Abuse of prescription pain killers now ranks second—only behind marijuana—as the Nation's most prevalent illegal drug addiction.

If you or someone you love is addicted to or abusing prescription drugs, there are prescription drug treatment programs that can help. is here to help you - call 1-888-814-1881 and get help now! All calls are confidential.

Looking for Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse?

We can help you find an effective prescription drug detox rehab program. offers a 24-hour helpline dedicated to helping you find drug rehab programs that are right for you.

Call right now to talk to an prescription drug treatment referral counselor. It's absolutely free and confidential. We will help find you a prescription drug treatment program or a prescrption drug rehab program that's best for you.

There are several components of prescription drug treatment centers or prescription drug rehab programs that you need to learn:

Prescription Drug Detox: aims to safely rid your body of all toxins under medical supervision. offers free 24-hour referrals to help you begin your prescription drug addiction recovery process.

What are some facts and statistics about prescription drug abuse?
There are three classes of prescription drugs that are most commonly abused:

Prescription drugs account for the second most commonly abused category of drugs, behind marijuana and ahead of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other drugs. Prescription drug abuse poses a unique challenge because of the need to balance prevention, education, and enforcement, with the need for legitimate access to controlled substance prescription drugs

If you/re ready we can also help you find:

Alcoholism Treatment Centers & Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Programs: Inpatient drug rehab programs include inpatient drug addiction treatment as well as inpatient alcohol detoxification services..

Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment levels of care at JCAHO accredited addiction treatment facilities.

Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment: Outpatient addiction treatment often follows inpatient addiction treatment once the patient is well enough to return home and maintain his or her recovery. Addiction treatment services are still available, but the patient is not required to stay at the alcohol treatment or drug rehab facility.

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