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Opiate Detox and Treatment for Your Opiate Addiction

Opiate detox for opiate addiction involves serious physical and psychological withdrawals that should be monitored under medical supervision. If you or someone you know is suffering from an opiate addiction, can help. Our staff specializes in finding detox programs to suit your specific needs; addiction treatment programs with a proven record of success.

Call 1-888-814-1881 for a free and confidential referral service. We can answer any concerns you may have regarding the detoxification process of addiction treatment.

Our understanding staff is experienced in locating detox programs to suit you specific needs.

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 Opiate detox and withdrawal symptoms:

Opiate withdrawals include serious and potentially life threatening physical symptoms; including nausea, body aches or flu like symptoms, vomiting, cold sweats, uncontrollable shakes, and possibly seizures.

Opiate detox is necessary in order to rid the body of the harmful toxins accumulated by the abuse or excessive misuse of opiate drugs.

Medical studies have shown that prolonged use of opiate drugs such as morphine and heroin actually leaves the opiate user more vulnerable to stress. This susceptibility to stress explains the vicious cycle that an opiate addict experiences; stress causes use and use causes stress.

While it is possible for someone to detoxify themselves from opiates it is very difficult both physically and psychologically.

Even after the opiate drug has been removed, an opiate addict will have difficulty adjusting to stressful situations and will more often than not, have strong emotional or psychological cravings beyond the initial detoxification phase of treatment.

An accredited drug detox facility will help ease the discomfort of withdrawals as well as provide a long term course of action for one’s ongoing treatment plan.

Let our team of detox referral specialists guide you to the right addiction for you.

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