Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) can be an effective way for individuals to recover from addiction and co-occurring disorders. In this program, the patient can attend various counseling and therapy sessions at a treatment facility multiple times throughout the week while residing at home. PHP’s are usually offered at hospitals, addiction treatment centers, and mental health facilities.

Benefits Of Partial Hospitalization

This outpatient program may be optimal for those that are stable enough to commit to recovery without harming themselves or others. There are many benefits that come with partial hospitalization:

  • Cost: Outpatient programs are considerably cheaper than inpatient programs. For patients that do not have the financial means to participate in an inpatient setting, partial hospitalization may be a better alternative.
  • Accountability: Patients will have the support from people that are going through similar circumstances. They will be able to work alongside others during group therapy and counseling sessions. These friendships have the potential to last long after treatment is complete which will provide invaluable support.
  • Maintaining a regular lifestyle: PHP’s allow people to continue with careers and education while remaining committed to their recovery. Patients can maintain care of dependants and daily routines that they would not have in an inpatient program.
  • Immediate recovery practices: Individuals will be provided with all the necessary treatment that they can utilize in their daily lives right away.

Before Partial Hospitalization

Although PHP may be extremely convenient for those that are stable enough to be a part of it, it is crucial for individuals to be honest with themselves about the kind of treatment that they need to be successful in their recovery. Often, individuals that wish to end a struggle with addiction require a detox program to help rid them of the physical dependency on a substance. Detox should be done in an inpatient facility that provides 24-hour medical supervision to prevent dangerous complications that may arise because of withdrawal.  

Finding A Partial Hospitalization Program

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing an addiction treatment program. It is important to critically examine all that the program offers because not all PHP’s provide the same services. By calling our 24-hour addiction helpline, you can speak with a specialist that is dedicated to finding the facility that meets all of your individual needs. All they will need is basic information about your addiction as well as any personal preferences that you may have.  Let us help you on the road to recovery.


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