Oxycontin Detox

Addicted to Oxycontin?

OxyContin is an opioid that imitates the effects of drugs like morephine which works as a means to relieve pain. Due to the addictive nature of OxyContin, it is a controlled substance. The drug is usually prescribed so your doctor can monitor your intake. Despite these efforts, OxyContin is a drug that is abused by many. If you are addicted to OxyContin and are ready to get help, there are facilities available to aid you with detox and rehabilitation.   

Why OxyContin Detox Is Necessary

Detox is necessary if your goal is to live your life without the use of OxyContin. Detox is the first step toward recovery. Without detox, dangerous side effects can occur.  The following are side effects that can occur with the abuse of Oxycontin:

  • Seizures
  • Fainting
  • Swelling of the throat and/or tongue
  • Rashes
  • Heart palpitations
  • Respiratory dysfunctions

Common OxyContin Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from opioids can be very difficult and painful. The severity of withdrawal is dependent on the how long the addict has been using and how often they use. The following is a timeline that outlines the stages of withdrawal that are typically seen in those that undergo Oxycontin detox:

0-6 hours after the last use addict will usually start to feel cravings. When these cravings are not fed, then anxiety and irritability begin.

12-14 hours after the last use, addicts will typically become depressed and more emotional.

 By the end of the day withdrawal symptoms can include muscle aches, headaches, loss of appitite and sweats. 

24-36 hours after the last use body aches become more pronounced. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea is typical along with and elevated heart rate.

 After 36 hours, the most difficult stage of withdrawal begins and can last for a couple days. All prior symptoms can become more overwhelming. Sleep is usually lost due to being uncomfortable.

Why Medically Monitored Detox Is Important  

Due to the severity of some withdrawals, it is highly recommended that addicts choose to detox under the supervision of 24-hour medical care. Monitored care can ensure the safest detox possible. Many people do not have the willpower to withstand relapse during this difficult time. Medical supervision can then act as accountability in order to make detox not only safe, but successful.

Finding A OxyContin Detox Treatment Center

At Detox-Rehab.com, we understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a detox facility. That is why we provide a 24-hour helpline with specialist that can give you options that meet your needs. All calls are free and confidential.


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