Methadone Rehab

What Is Methadone Rehab?

Methadone rehab is a treatment program that is provided by facilities that cater to the recovery needs of those that wish to end their addiction. There are different types of services that meet individual preferences. Depending on the severity of addiction, it is important for individuals to choose a drug rehab program that is most conducive to achieving the goal of long term sobriety. The different programs that are typically offered include:

Inpatient residential treatment: This is an intensive program where individuals will complete their rehab while living at the treatment center.

Outpatient treatment programs: For those that are of no danger to themselves or others, this program may be convenient. Individuals are able attend counseling and therapy meetings at a rehab facility while residing at home.

 Aftercare: When the initial steps of rehab are complete, recovering addicts can take part in various aftercare programs such as sober living and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Gender and age specific programs: According to individual preference, there are programs that primarily focus is on a specific demographic such as all male or female patients.

How Methadone Rehab Is Different Than Methadone Detox

Detox is the first phase in the recovery process which functions to remove the toxins that have built up in the body over the span of addiction. Once this is successfully complete, the patient then moves on to a rehabilitation program. Here the recovering addicts takes part in various counseling and therapy session where they learn how to live without the use of ecstasy.

Why Methadone Rehab Is Important

It is possible to rehab from methadone on your own, but it is very rare. Rehabilitation at an addiction treatment center provides individuals with the benefit of a secure environment, where they are given help by professionals that are dedicated to their recovery. The benefits of overall well-being can simply not be found outside of this atmosphere.

Methadone Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is an approach with an objective of identifying high risk situations that lead to methadone abuse. Patients learn what the warning signs are that may lead to a lapse into old habits of drug abuse. They learn how to approach these situations in a positive way. Here is a list of what may cause people to relapse into methadone abuse:

  • Congregating with people that use methadone.
  • Getting into situations where methadone is easily accessible.
  • Not keeping up with rehab meetings.
  • Not sticking to a treatment plan.
  • Emotionally difficult situations.
  • Major life changes.
  • Changes in regular patters of sleeping, eating and personal hygiene.


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