Medical Detox

Medically Monitored Detox

Medical detox is a crucial component of a detox program. Due to the side effects and complications that can occur in detox, it is highly recommended that addicts opt for a detox program that they can be under the 24-hour supervision of medical professionals. This will ensure the safest and most successful detox possible.

Care That Medical Staff Provides in Detox

When a patient enters a drug detox program, they should expect the following from their medical staff:

  •  Thorough evaluation of the addicts’ medical condition including the level of dependency on the substance of abuse as well as any other co-occurring conditions.
  • Information on what kinds of withdrawals to expect while in detox.
  • Upon the commencement of withdrawal symptoms, the patient may be given non-addictive medications to cope.
  • Ready medical attention in the face of any complications that may arise.
  • Moral support to ensure that the patient endures detox in its entirety.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Detox

Some addicts do choose to try detox on an out-patient basis. But more often than not, this results in demoralizing failure and relapse. In some cases it can be very dangerous not to have medical care available because of withdrawal affects that can be severe and dangerous. If an addict wishes not to go through the entire rehabilitation process as an in-patient, we still highly recommend that they complete detox on an in-patient basis and then enter a rehab program that they can do on an out-patient basis.

Finding A Medical Detox Program

At, we know that it can be very difficult to find a detox program that meets all of your individual needs. By calling our 24-hour free helpline, our dedicated specialists can assist you in finding the detox treatment center that is right for you.


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