Dual Diagnosis

About Dual Dignosis In Co-Occuring Conditions

When someone struggles with a mental disorder(s) as well as substance abuse it is said that they have “co-occurring disorders.” When individuals suffer with co-occurring disorders, they often need treatment for both conditions in order to ensure the best results for either. Rehabilitation facilities often offer dual diagnosis services that can help people recover from both of their illness at the same time.

Features Of Dual Diagnosis Services

Different kinds of services are included in dual diagnosis. These can include assertive outreach, family counseling, finance management and job assistance. There is provided customized integrated treatment programs that help the patient take advantage of all that the facility has to offer. Dual diagnosis treatment is usually long-term.

How Often Do People Suffer From Co-Occurring Disorders?  

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) the following was published concerning co-occurring disorders:

  • Among those diagnosed with mental illness, 29% also abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • Approximately 50% of individuals with serious mental disorders also struggle with substance abuse.
  • 37% of alcoholics and 53% of drug abusers also suffer with at least one severe mental illness.

Integrated Treatment Approach

Quality integrated treatment will often have similar characteristics to other treatments as far as the medical care but will have adequate treatment for both the substance abuse and mental health. Substance abuse and mental health programs are coordinated to providing healing in both areas. Medical professionals understand that substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling have different means of approach but are equally important.

Struggling With Co-Occurring Disorder?

If you battle with co-occurring disorders then you know how daunting and out of reach treatment might seem. But if you are ready to get help, there are treatment facilities that provide the right kind of help. At Detox-Rehab.com we understand that it is difficult to find a drug-rehab center that meets all of your individual needs. At our 24-hour free helpline, we have specialists that are dedicated to finding you the treatment center that is best for you. 


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