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Drug Problems: How prevalent are drug problems?

Drug problems, often characterized as drug abuse or drug addiction affect an estimated 10.4 million people in the United States. Left untreated drug problems often become fully activated drug addictions which destroy lives, families and communities.

The disease of addiction causes one’s body to become ever more dependent on a particular drug or drugs. As the body’s tolerance to the drug becomes higher and higher, eventually necessitating the intake of more drugs.

Over time, drug problems can cause serious health problems, including cancer, heart disease, liver disease, and death. The disease also leads to serious interpersonal problems, often taking its toll on friendships, marriages, and family life, and frequently leads to financial hardships and even unemployment.

The silver lining is that drug problems are treatable and effective drug treatment is available.  

Drug Problems - Signs and Symptoms

Those suffering from drug problems or drug addiction may exhibit a series of symptoms.

Drug addiction signs and symptoms include having excessive cravings for a specific drug, possessing a heightened tolerance for drugs, the recurrence of placing oneself or others in danger (such as driving under the influence), continuing to use despite health risks heightened or caused by drugs, feeling a sense of remorse about drug intake, and avoiding social, school, or work obligations due to drug usage. Some or all of these drug problem signs and symptoms may be apparent in someone with a drug problem, though even this list is not exhaustive of the traits someone with a drug problem may exhibit.

If even one of the drug addiction signs and symptoms is demonstrated by yourself or your loved one, it is time to seek help. The sooner drug addiction treatment commences, the better your chances at living a life that is free from the dangers of drug addiction.

We want you to know that you are not alone in your search for answers. If you or your loved one shows any of the signs and symptoms of a drug problem or a drug addiction, our staff at can help you as you seek treatment answers.

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