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Drug Detox Rehab Programs Are Not All The Same.

Let us help you find the one that is right for you. Alcoholism, alcohol abuse or drug addiction, are as deadly as cancer if left untreated. Shouldn't you trust your alcohol problem or drug addiction to the best facility that knows how to help save your life® is here to help you - call 1-888-814-1881 and get help now! All calls are confidential.

Let our time proven methods guide you through these early steps to a successful treatment plan.  Don’t make it harder on yourself than it already is. Our knowledgeable referral team is dedicated to offering this service COMPLETELY FREE to you. . .Call 1-888-814-1881 right now!

Alcoholism & Drug Addiction have many different types of treatment for various stages of the disease.

Detox Programs: Detoxification aims to safely rid your body of all toxins under medical supervision. Detox offers 24-hour nursing and medication to help alleviate painful withdrawal symptoms.

Drug detox and alcohol detox are often a short term addiction treatment programs,  most people stay between three & ten days. The time you spend in alcohol or drug detox is based on how long you were out using and the amount types of substances used.  Sometimes, due to abuse, people in drug and alcohol detox treatment have some level of mental or emotional disabilities that need to be treated.

Inpatient Rehabilitation & Primary Care & Partial Hospitalization:
Hospital based addiction treatment programs are exactly like they sound. These type of addiction treatment programs are located on a unit in a general hospital. They are best suited for those persons who along with their drug addiction or alcoholism have developed chronic or acute medical or psychiatric problems

Inpatient Addiction Treatment: Drug rehab programs include inpatient addiction treatment. This is a step in the program after detox where the patient participates in group, individual and family therapy.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment: Outpatient addiction treatment often follows inpatient addiction treatment once the patient is well enough to return home and maintain his or her recovery. Addiction treatment services are still available, but the patient is not required to stay at the drug rehab facility.

Long Term Residential Treatment or Extended Care:
These long-term addiction treatment programs were designed for people who had completed anywhere from fourteen to thirty days of residential addiction treatment and for a variety of reasons required additional residential treatment. A few of the criteria for long-term addiction treatment are if you are:

  • Still displaying drug seeking behavior after completion of a multi-
    day addiction treatment program
  • Experiencing relapse after a short term stay in an addiction treatment center
  • Requiring additional time in a structured setting to resolve outstanding clinical issues

Family Addiction Treatment: Family addiction treatment is vital to a patient's success in drug rehab programs. This is where many underlying issues of addiction are resolved.

What Should I Look for in Effective Drug Rehab Programs?
Drug addiction and alcoholism are complex diseases. Effective detox-rehab programs should have the following components:

* A medically-monitored drug detox program located within the facility
* A comprehensive relapse prevention program
* A dual diagnosis treatment program
* An aftercare program
* A family program

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