Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the habitual and harmful use of any substance for the intoxicating effects. The abuse of substances often becomes an out of control addiction. Users get enslaved to an intense need for the substance in order to feel normal. 

What Kinds Of Substances Are Abused?

When people hear drug abuse, they often think of illicit drugs like marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. However some of the most popular drugs are prescription drugs that start out being given from a doctor for medical purposes. Prescription drugs like methadone and oxycontin become controlled substances because of their addictive quality. However, alcohol, over-the-counter medications, solvents, and inhalants are substances that can also be abused.

When Use Becomes Abuse

There is a very fine line between use and abuse. That is why many addicts cannot admit it when they have become dependent on a substance. Drug abuse can be extremely dangerous and debilitation for all parties involved. It is crucial for users and the users’ friends and family to be honest about addictions so that the problem can be approached swiftly. 

Struggling With Drug Abuse?

If you are battling an addiction and you know that it is time to get help, then there are treatment facilities that are ready to get you the help you need. At Detox-Rehab.com, we provide a 24-hour helpline that specializes in finding the drug-rehab treatment center that meets all of your individual needs. All we need is minimal information about your addiction as well as any personal preferences that you may have regarding your future treatment facility.


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