Crystal Meth Facts

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth is a man-made stimulant that influences the central nervous system. It is typically composed of pseudoephedrine and multiple toxic ingredients that can be found in household cleaners. Meth is one of the most addictive substances on the market and has horrific effects on the mind and body for people that use it.

Street Terms  

Crystal meth is also known as meth, ice, glass, crank, trash, yellow bam, tweak, fire chalk and stove-top.


Crystal meth started to be widely used in World War II where soldiers on both sides would use it to stay awake. Japanese pilots were given it in high doses before their suicidal “kamikaze” missions. It became readily available to the public after the war as a weight loss supplement in the United States. Following, recreational use of methamphetamine increased in epic proportion. In the 1970’s, the use and distribution of crystal meth became illegal and people started manufacturing it themselves with household items like decongestants mixed with various cleaning chemicals and battery acid. Since then, the use of meth amphetamine has grown in poorer communities and remains a highly addictive substance that has devastating outcomes.

Who Crystal Meth Effects

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, there are approximately 24.7 million users that are responsible for consuming almost 500 metric tons a year of methamphetamine. As of 2006, the number of people that are in addiction treatment for meth has nearly tripled since 1996. More young people have been known to use crystal meth at as early as 10 years old.

How Crystal Meth Is Abused

Meth can be used in multiple ways to achieve a euphoric affect. While in its crystalline powder form, it can be snorted or taken orally. It can also be melted down and injected, smoked or taken in pill form.

Short And Long Term Effects Of Crystal Meth

Effects of crystal meth depend on how long and how often an individual has been abusing a substance. These are some that are typically a result of crystal meth addiction:

  • Brain damage resulting in Alzheimers, Parkinson’s disease, coma, stroke and death.
  • Psychosis
  • Extreme paranoia
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Hyperactivity
  • Delirium 
  • Hallucinations
  • Facial sores from picking of the skin
  • Formication (results in a sensation that feels like buds crawling beneath the skin. Aka “Crank bugs”)
  • Severe weight loss
  • Tooth decay (aka “Meth mouth”)
  • Organ Failure
  • Permanent damage to blood vessels
  • Infectious diseases as a result of injection

Struggling With Crystal Meth Addiction?

As you can see from the long list of negative side effects that are the result of crystal meth abuse, this drug is not worth any of the short term highs that this drug provides. The scary fact about this drug is that it is known to be addicting after using it just one time. If you or someone you love is battling an addiction to this substance, then you need to get help before it is too late. Call our free addiction helpline to talk with an experienced specialist about finding the best program to help rid you of this terrible disease.

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