Crack Detox

Struggling With A Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Addiction to crack cocaine should be treated like the serious illness that it is. If your life is being taken over by addiction to crack cocaine and you are ready to get help, there are treatment facilities available to aid you in beginning the drug detox process. If someone you know has an addiction and you want to find them help with this debilitating disease, do not wait to help them take the first steps toward recovery.

Why Crack And Crack Detox Is Necessary

Detoxification from crack cocaine is essential to the recovery process. Throughout the extent of an addiction, the body builds up active toxins that keep you feeling like you need the drug to function normally. Detox is the process that works to rid your body of those toxins, and frees the patient to continue the recovery process without the use of the drug. 

Detox Versus Rehab

Detox and rehab are two different steps within the recovery process. Detox is the first program that gets patients ready and able to begin rehab. Rehab is the second step where former addicts get the tools they need to live their life without the use of crack cocaine.

Why Medically Supervised Crack Cocaine Detox Is Important

Detoxification from crack cocaine can have dangerous side effects, and if not carried out under medical supervision can result in added health ailments and even death. That is why we highly recommend that you locate a quality detox treatment center that offers 24-hour professional medical care.

Common Crack Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of crack and crack cocaine withdrawal can be different for everyone. Severity of withdrawal depends on how long the individual has been addicted and how often they abuse the drug. The first stages of withdrawal can have long lasting psychological and physiological effects. The following are a list of withdrawal symptoms that can occur in those that are in detox from crack cocaine:

  •          Anxiety
  •          Tremors
  •          Depression
  •          Psychosis and hallucinations
  •          Seizures
  •          Respiratory dysfunction
  •          Cardiac Arrhythmia
  •          Vomiting and Nausea

Perhaps the most significant withdrawal symptom is the increase of intensity in the craving for crack cocaine. When the body gets addicted to crack cocaine, it is very difficult for the body to function without it. When crack cocaine is no longer available the homeostasis of the body is severely disrupted, which causes signals to the brain making the addict feel like they need the drug to feel normal. This is the most common cause for relapse among crack cocaine users.

Locating Crack Cocaine Treatment Centers

At we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a crack cocaine detox facility. By simply calling our 24-hour free and confidential helpline, our dedicated specialists can help you find the treatment center that meets all of your needs. All we require is some basic information concerning your addiction, as well as any particulars you have about your future detox facility.


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