Connecticut Addiction Treatment

Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Connecticut

Drug rehab centers in the State of Connecticut offer a variety of addiction treatment services. That is why for those who desire to safely and effectively recover from an addiction critically examine facilities that they are considering. Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to choosing a detox rehab center and not all provide the same.

If you would like help making this decision, we recommend that you call our 24 hour addiction helpline. You will be able to talk with a specialist that is devoted to locating the best treatment center for you. Just give minimal information about your addiction as well as any personal preferences that you may have and we guarantee you will be satisfied with how easy this process is made.

All calls are free and confidential 1-888-814-1881  

City Locations Of Addiction Treatment Facilities In Connecticut:

·         Bridgeport

·         Danbury

·         East Hartford

·         Fairfield

·         Farmington

·         Greenwich

·         Hartford

·         New Haven

·         Norwalk

·         Stamford

·         Waterbury

·         West Granby

·         West Hartford

·         West Haven

·         West Redding

·         Weston

·         Westport

·         Wethersfield

·         Willimantic