Alcohol Addiction

People that are addicted to alcohol are known as alcoholics, and the disease associated with alcohol addiction is known as alcoholism. Addiction to alcohol is defined by the psychological and physical dependency that drives a person to consume alcohol despite any negative consequences. Even if an addict wanted to stop drinking, the withdrawal symptoms and mental hardships cause them to relapse.

Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

There are various signs of alcohol addiction that are helpful to know if you or someone you care about seems to be struggling with drinking. These are some of the most common:

  • Unable to quit drinking even when it’s desired.
  • Increased tolerance that causes the need for heavier drinking to reach a desired level of intoxication.
  • Feeling like you need a drink to feel normal or to cope with emotional stress.
  • A lot of time is spent thinking about alcohol and planning when your next drink is going to be.
  • You keep drinking despite negative consequences such as health problem, relationship problems or issues with the law.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit drinking suck as shakes, sweats, insomnia and mood swings.
  • You no longer take part in activities that you did before you starting to drink more frequently.

Causes Of Alcohol Addiction

There are several possible reasons that people develop an alcohol addiction. It is good to understand what they are for preventative purposes as well as to understand the mindset of someone that is struggling with this addiction. These are some of the common causes:

Co-Occuring Psychological Disorders 

Sometimes people that are struggling with illnesses like depression and other mental ailments feel like alcohol is a way to make them feel better. Eventually, alcohol abuse can turn into a full-blown addiction.

Social Pressures

Alcohol is quit accessible for people in the United States. It is woven into the culture of many groups of people. Some may feel intense pressure to fit in with those around them while others just feel like drinking is a way of life. Alcohol is also heavily promoted in the media and advertising so it becomes engrained in American society.

Coping Mechanism

Some people feel so overwhelmed by life’s pressure that they turn to alcohol to make them feel better. They may go through a difficult period of time that drinking becomes so regular that addiction eventually develops.


Studies have shown that alcoholism is actually hereditary. That means, if you have family members that have battled with addiction, then you are more susceptible to developing an addiction. It does not mean that individuals will develop an addiction indefinitely; it only means that they should be more cautious when it comes to alcohol consumption.   

Getting Help With Alcohol Addiction

If you are ready to admit that you have a dependency on alcohol then you are already on the right track. The next step is finding the addiction treatment facility that can meet all of your needs. It is important to know that not all alcohol rehab facilities offer the same services so research is necessary. This process can be overwhelming, which is why we encourage you to call our addiction helpline. You can speak with a specialist about your addiction and preferences and they will locate the best treatment center for you.


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