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At, we know how overwhelming it can be to locate a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility that meets all of your individual needs. We are here to make this important decision as simple as possible. Depending on the state location that you choose to begin your recovery, we can assist you in locating the programs that are available, and that are best suited for you. Feel free to take a moment to take a look at our convenient state directory to find your desired location.

We encourage you to call our free 24-Hour addiction helpline to speak with a specialist that is devoted to finding the rehab facility that meets all of your individual needs. 1-888-814-1881  


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Al-Anon: Where families that have been affected by alcoholism can fellowship and share experiences of struggle and hope to solve common problems.



Alcoholics Anonymous: Helping recovering alcoholics stay on the path of sobriety through a 12 step program, peer support, and shared experiences with an emphasis on medical and religious resources.



Narcotics Anonymous: A society of men and women that are dedicated to living life free of drugs by utilizing group support, and various programs that function to help maintain a sober lifestyle.



The Watershed Addiction Treatment Center: Provides full detoxification and rehabilitation programs to help individuals overcome various forms of addiction.



Get Help For Addiction

Get Help For Addiction

There are many different types of addiction, but they all have the same insidious results. If you recognize that your life or the life of a loved one is out of control because of this illness, and you know that it is time to get help, then you are already on the right track. If you are not sure if help is needed, it is important to learn about the signs and symptoms that impact the life of an individual struggling with addiction.

Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction

These are some troubles typically seen in the life of an addict that can be examined:

·         Relationship issues are one of the most prominent outcomes of addiction. They become chaotic when friends and family members become less important than feeding their habit.

·         Neglect of responsibility becomes increasingly obvious. Obligations like work and financial aspects of life are disregarded.

·         Discontinuing regular activities in order to obtain or use substances is likely. Addicts often have a history of taking part in enjoyable and healthy activities but then lose interest because of the influence of their addiction.

·         High risk behaviors are more likely to be taken part in. For example driving while intoxicated, prostitution, theft, illicit selling of drugs and mixing drugs.

·         Troubles with legal matters are likely to increase in the life of an addict. They may have been arrested or fined as a result of selling drugs, using drugs, DUI, theft, or disorderly conduct.

·         Obsession and compulsive behavior to obtain the substance that they are addicted to is typical of an addict. A lot of time and efforts are spent on how to retrieve and use the substance of abuse. It is not uncommon for individuals to become angry, anxious, or paranoid when they have trouble obtaining a substance.

·         Inability to quit using the drug may be apparent in an addict. An addict my even acknowledge that they have a problem but have become so out of control that they keep using regardless of the consequences.

Locating A Quality Addiction Rehabilitation Facility

If any of these are recognizable in you or someone you care about, then you may have an addiction. Don’t wait any longer to give us a call to discuss how to get help with this debilitating disease. By calling our toll free, 24-hour addiction helpline, you can talk with a specialist about finding the right detox-rehab facility for you. All that they require is basic information about your addiction, as well as any personal preferences that you may have concerning your future treatment facility.

Feel free to take a moment to analyze your struggle with substance abuse by taking our free online assessment

All calls are free and strictly confidential 1-888-814-1881

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The Best Drug Rehab Center For You

Locate The Best Drug Rehab Center For You


At, we know how difficult it can be to locate a quality treatment facility that meets all of your individual needs. That is why we have specialist waiting for your call to help you through this difficult decision. We can connect you to various programs across the nation and can find the one that caters to your preferences. No matter where you are or what your conditions may be; we are here to help you find the treatment center that is right for you.


All we need is minimal information about your addiction as well as any preference that you may have regarding your future treatment center. Don’t wait to get your life back on track.


All calls are free and confidential 1-888-814-1881